China Shenyang HePing District

YangGe (Paddy Planting Tunes) Senior Choir & Dance Group


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YangGe Senior Choir & Dance Group was founded in 1986 and consists of a line up of elite senior singers who are healthy, energetic & share common interest in the art of YangGe (Paddy Planting Tunes). Their average age is about 55 years & the eldest among all has reached more than 70 years of age. After years of practicing, their exploration in the art of YangGe has come up with a combination of northern & eastern districts of China, creating their own presentation style that has more spirits, energetic, full of positive attitude yet astoundingly majestic in terms of commemoration as well as artistic point of view.

For many years now, regardless of winter or summer, YangGe Senior Choir & Dance Group has dedicated their energies in bringing the best of YangGe to the people, presenting shows in places such as streets, city squares, garden, factories, companies & so on. Their artistic performances have been receiving many overwhelming responses from the Chinese community. They have even won the performance highest merit awards for many times now in the annual Hua Hui Competition organised in Beijing, China. Most notably in the Asian Games held back in 1991, they specially arranged a YangGe performance entitled “Golden Autumn of Joy”, created a major impact in the athletes’ village, and received high praises from guests and athletes from all over Asia.

The astonishing performances given by YangGe Senior Choir & Dance Group, made a huge impact not only in the northern and eastern district of China, but also the whole of China, providing local residents an unforgettable image of YangGe. For such amazing accomplishments, they were therefore credited with the highest honour in artistic achievements by Department of Culture in China.

During the visit to Malaysia in conjunction with the 1st January 2000 Caring Day Celebration, they will once again gear up to amaze the people of Malaysia by arranging a few special North-East YangGe performances including a brief narration of the Chinese traditional folk tale – “Eight Angels Crossing the Sea” as well as one which was adapted from China’s treasured classic literature – “Hong Lou Meng”.


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