MRCS Sunflower Centre (Miri)


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brief introduction

Started in 1982 at the headquarters of the Red Crescent. The Structure of the Centre includes pediatrician, physiotherapist, psychologist, speech therapist & qualified teacher. Today the centre currently has about 86 students with special needs & 11 members of staff.  

Types of Disabilities

  • Cerebral Palsy, 


  • Down Syndrome, 


  • Autism, 


  • Delayed Development, 


  • Multiple Disabilities, 


  • Intellectual Disabilities  


  •       To provide fully trained staff who can assess then apply therapy programme


  •       To aid affected families & to educate the public to appreciate & understand people with special needs.  

  •       To create educational & job opportunities  

  •       Developing work & social skills to maintain a satisfactory career with positive social inter-action with the people around them.  

  •       Further training, for guidance, for support & encouragement, maintaining this 


Therapy programme & activities

  • Social & Life Skill Needs, 


  • Behavioral-Emotional Needs, 


  • Special Educational Needs, 


  • Physiotherapy, 


  • Vocational Programme, 


  • Early Intervention Programme

What do I do when I meet a person with special needs?

Avoid stopping & staring; Just be natural & treat them as other person; Try to remember that people with special needs need the opportunity to blend into the society & get the chance to  live as normal a life as possible (go to school, shopping & to find a job). Only it is a bigger challenge & a lot of hard work for them to do so. We should understand, help & respect them   for that.

How can the community help make their lives easier?

Incorporate their needs into future construction projects such as ramps or railing at all public buildings, pedestrian crossing, park paths, entrances, pavements and toilets.

How can we avoid some of their problems in the future?

Be aware of health care programs such as immunization (against rubella which may cause complication during pregnancy). Take special care during pregnancy. Avoid smoking & eat healthy food. Approach your doctor if you have any medical history in your family, which,      with medical guidance, will avoid problems later on.


The centre is maintained through donations from the public. We would be very grateful if volunteers could help conduct a variety of activities. We welcome any new ideas & visits from all well-wishers.  


MRCS Sunflower Centre  
Jalan Sabit Merah, Lot 302, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia  
TEL.: 085-420 722      FAX. : 085-420 476
Chairperson: Liza Chai     PrincipalIrene Awell

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