"A Home for the Homeless"


 "A Beacon in the Night"


 "An Oasis in the Wilderness"


 "Filled With Hope and Compassion"



Brief Introduction

Since 1987 Rumah Ozanam has given shelter to a total of over 435 residents. They come from different painful circumstances and different faiths. Rumah Ozanam is a permanent shelter for   the abused, neglected, abandoned and homeless children, which also provides temporary care  for battered women and unwed mothers. It is run under the auspices of the St. Vincent de Paul Society which takes care of the needs of the poor and the marginalized.


Our Home

We are thankful for the compassionate and selfless energy that creates shelters for those assaulted by life's harshest climates, where love shields and heals wounds, where tears are    dried and fears chased away, where the physically weak grow strong and the spirits flies high again with hope. Where education and loving discipline promise a future of opportunities.



Our Main Aims

  • To offer temporary shelter


  • To protect women and children from physical violence and abuse


  • To heal the emotionally abused through counseling


  • To provide care with love, compassion, kindness, understanding and support


  • To work towards social rehabilitation through skills, training, literacy & the development    of positive self-worth


  • To foster re-unification of families through reconciliation and social adjustment



  • Medical and social care


  • Counseling


  • Foster care of children


  • Adoption programme


  • Education Opportunity


  • Skills training

    • Music

    • Computer

    • Arts, etc


  • Occupational employment


  • Recreational activities


Our Appeal

Rumah Ozanam remains dependent on the Humanitarian gestures of the society. Volunteers    who offers their time, skill and talents to teach and nurture the children reap satisfaction in      their observable progress. We give them a sense of family and belonging, the space and regard     to empower their confidence and self-worth, and the spark to dream again.


Education is the foundation of our children's future. Rumah Ozanam appreciates the service   and kindness of the current team of volunteers who give tuition in the various school subjects   and in moral lessons. Given the encouragement and help, quite a few of our children are excelling in their studies. We are always grateful for more volunteers.



Giving them a future while 

keeping them in the present as well

Generous financial and material support has enabled us to provide care and services to the vulnerable, homeless, abused, abandoned and battered. Now, our capacity needs to expand       to accommodate those who are still on the outside around whom our arms cannot stretch.     While others are waiting for a place, can we stand by in the shade & allow them to be blistered   by the heart? We have extended into a second home and are in urgent need of funds for its construction and maintenance. We appeal for your kind donations to help us expand our outreach.


  Foster Program & Sponsor Scheme


"Your One Gift Works Many Wonders"


Here then is an opportunity to jointly practice and manifest the intrinsic and fundamental goodness and beauty of our common humanity, and applaud the hope that springs eternal in     the human heart.


If you wish to make a difference in a special way, you can foster a child in the caring environment of our home. You could also sponsor a specific child's daily needs and education    by a monthly commitment of Malaysian Ringgit 50 or 100 for a year.


Either way, there is a promise of a better life for all. Contact us for further inquiries or please    be welcome to our home.



How You Can Help Us

  • Through financial, material and moral support


  •  By sharing your love and care


  • By providing us homes under our foster-care programme, thus enabling us to grow in a family environment


  • Through your prayers


  • Through the offer of voluntary service of your time, skills and talents

 "We can achieve our goals"





(Society of St. Vincent de Paul)

No. 1, Lorong 4 / 48 D, 

Off Jalan Padang, Petaling Jaya, 

46050 Selangor Darul Ehsan


Tel.# 603-791 9090

Fax.# 603-793 5593

President - Mrs. Elizabeth Vaz


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