Project Brief Objectives Participants Event Schedule Conclusion


For the last century, mankind have been celebrating Labour Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Teacher’s Day and so on but Caring Day was never in the picture. The significance of a “Caring Day” is to inspire people from all walks of life throughout the world to share their care and love for the less fortunate in their very own way. Underprivileged groups around the world can exchange multi-lateral visits with each other in the form of cultural, educational and welfare aspect towards better understanding of unity, peace and love.  

The task of organizing the 1st January 2000 Caring Day charity project is to foster greater multilateral friendship and goodwill among Asian countries. While it will promote welfare and cultural development, the little ambassadors will play a humanitarian role to help realize the declaration of a “Caring Day” into the next millennium.  

As organizer, we have taken the entire responsibility from planning, funding and conceptualizing to organise the proposed event.  

In the past Xim Phou Moon Welfare Society (XPM) has been successful in undertaking such major events. Our greatest testimony is the organizing of the First Asian Welfare, Education and Cultural Exchange Program for the Orphans and Underprivileged Children in the year 1997. There were a total of 600 children from 7 participating Asian countries (including Malaysia) who took part in this testimonial event. Henceforth, we are confident of the success in the organizing and its during and aftermath benefits.  

The launching of 1st January 2000 Caring Day will play a value-added role in stabilizing situation. We could create lots of impact and even get world media attention in the good name     of Malaysia.  

We look forward towards your most kind cooperation from all parties concerned in realizing       our effort toward humanity. In the name of charity, love and peace there are meritorious blessings for all. We wish to create that good name to be remembered in history for all participating team members as well as Malaysia.

Thank you.  

Xim Phou Moon Welfare Society, Malaysia