11th Anniversary Xim Phou Moon's
11th Anniversary Charity Nite

9th of September, 1999

As our country and many other regional countries continues to strive on the road to economic recovery, we as a Malaysian based NGO should not neglect the importance of education development despite everything. Therefore in conjunction with our 11th Anniversary Celebration, a special welfare fund was set up in aid of the education fund for 99 hard core poor students selected from different states all over Malaysia.

Presentation ceremony took place during the proceedings of the annual anniversary charity dinner in which orphans from various homes, the hearing impaired group from Kuala Lumpur Society of the Deaf as well as 99 secondary school students were invited to attend the charity dinner. All the students beneficiaries are listed as follow: 

99 Hardcore Poor Students' List

NoName of StudentsSexAgeStateSchoolClass
1Se Sian HooM15MelakaSM Pay Fong3A-red
2Goh Chin SiongM14MelakaSM Pay Fong2A-blue
3Foo Wen JieF 13MelakaSM Pay Fong1A-green
4Esmond Ang Tian FookM13MelakaSM Katholik1B
5Lai Kong ChienM13MelakaSM Katholik1B
6See Kok SendM13MelakaSM Katholik1B
7Neo Yen TzeM14MelakaSM Katholik1M
8Chandradevan MachapM14MelakaSM Methodist2
9Vasanthi SivarajahF13MelakaSMTP Melaka1
10Lowrence EdwardM13MelakaSM Jasin1
11Kokila SupermaniamF13MelakaSM Jasin1
12Annu Mohana KrishnanF13MelakaSM Jasin1
13Theivanai ManiamF 13MelakaSM Dol Said1

Yuvaneswari Mahalingam

F13Melaka SM Dol Said 1
15Jeyaraj RajanM13MelakaSM M.Abdullah1
16Poorani KrishnanF13MelakaSM Tebong1
17Prabu SannasiM13MelakaSM Simpang B.1
18Lye Siong KoonM17MelakaSM Durian Daun4M
19Lim Bee HsiangM16MelakaSM Durian Daun3M
20Le Li LianM13MelakaSM Durian DaunRemove
21Ang Chai WaiF 15

Pulau Pinang

SM Heng Ee Pg3C
22Ooi Meng ChooF16 Pulau Pinang SM Heng Ee Pg4E1
23Tan Sim GaikF15 Pulau Pinang SM Heng Ee Pg3E
24Chew Lee PingF16 Pulau Pinang SM Heng Ee Pg4E2
25Yap Lai HockM14 Pulau Pinang SM Chung Ling2B
26Choo Quan WeeM15 Pulau Pinang SM Chung Ling2B
27Ong Bee KhoonF17 Pulau Pinang SM Chung Ling3B
28Ong Li ImFn/a Pulau Pinang SM Chung Lingn/a
29Lim Wee YikMn/a Pulau Pinang SM Chung Lingn/a
30Sua Kim HooM 13 Negeri Sembilan SM Chung HuaJ1S
31Yew Yoke HarF13 Negeri Sembilan SM Chung HuaJ1S
32Tan Yit VianF13 Negeri Sembilan SM Chung HuaJ1S
33Yiew Yi ShinF13 Negeri Sembilan SM Chung HuaJ1C
34Yap Hooi ChingF15 Negeri Sembilan SM Chung HuaJ3S
35Wong Lai KwanF15 Negeri Sembilan SM Chung HuaJ3S
36Sim Chuan SingM16 Negeri Sembilan SM Chung HuaS1S
37Tan Kok WeiM16 Negeri Sembilan SM Chung HuaJ1M
38Woo Mei LingF17 Negeri Sembilan SM Chung Hua52S
39Chai Yik SunM17 Negeri Sembilan SM Chung Hua5T2
40Yiow Sam PohF17 Negeri Sembilan ST Chung Hua5
41Lim Mee HwanF16 Negeri Sembilan ST Chung Hua4
42Yew Fun YeanF14 Negeri Sembilan ST Chung Hua2
43Fang Ze LunM14 Negeri Sembilan ST Chung Hua2
44Siew Chiau ChanF13 Negeri Sembilan ST Chung Hua1
45Teh Kiew SengM13 Negeri Sembilan ST Chung Hua1
46Lim Wei KiatM13 Negeri Sembilan ST Chung Hua1
47Koh Chi YoongM 13 Negeri Sembilan ST Chung Hua1
48Kam Thai KuangM13 Negeri Sembilan ST Chung Hua1
49Woong Kuang KitM13 Negeri Sembilan ST Chung Hua1
50Mohd. SiddiqM 16 Kuala Lumpur SMK Cheras4S2
51Mohd. ShukryM16 Kuala Lumpur SMK Cheras4S2
52Fadilah Mohd. TaibF16 Kuala Lumpur SMK Cheras4S2
53Lim Fang ChanF 16 Kuala Lumpur SMK Cheras4S2
54Heng Yeaw KhauM16 Kuala Lumpur SMK Cheras4S2
55Low Chooi WanF16 Kuala Lumpur SMK Cheras4S2
56Nur Liana JaafarF 15 Kuala Lumpur SMK Cheras3S
57Yuswar Mohd. UyusM15 Kuala Lumpur SMK Cheras3T
58Mohd. NorfazlyM15 Kuala Lumpur SMK Cheras3T
59Mohd. AziziM15 Kuala Lumpur SMK Cheras3T
60Ruqaiyah HazimiF13 Selangor SMK L.Keramat1A
61Nordiati JaafarF15 Selangor SMK L.Keramat23E
62Sayfol SuhairiM 13 Selangor SMK L.Keramat21
63Norminah SyafrialF15 Selangor SMK L.Keramat23E
64Ros WahidaF15 Selangor SMK L.Keramat23E
65Jiwa SandanamM 15 Selangor SMK L.Keramat23E
66Khuzaimah Abdul RaufF17 Selangor SMK L.Keramat25
67Mohd. AkhirM14 Selangor SMK L.Keramat22
68Mohd. ShamsulM 15 Selangor SMK L.Keramat2A
69Siti AsilahF13 Selangor SMK L.Keramat1B
70Mohd. IzwanM14 Selangor SMK L.Keramat2F
71Alinah OmarF15 Selangor SMK L.Keramat3G
72Nor HasniF 15 Selangor SMK L.Keramat3F
73Ewan SumanM 14 Selangor SMK L.Keramat2F
74Nurshuhadah YahyaF 14 Selangor SMK L.Keramat1C
75Siti Nur AinF 16 Selangor SMK L.Keramat4
76Mohd. Noor Hafiz ZulkifliM 15 Selangor SMK L.Keramat3
77Visu SubramaniamM 13 Selangor SMK Tmn.Melawati1M
78Mathan RamasamyM 13 Selangor SMK Tmn.Melawati 1M
79Magendran MuniandyM 14 Selangor SMK Tmn.Melawati 2J
80Muniammah ArumugamF 16 Selangor SMK Tmn.Melawati 4C
81Selladuria SellianM 16 Selangor SMK Tmn.Melawati 4A
82Mohd. FadzilM 15 Perak SMK Simpang 3A3
83Mohd. NazrulM 16 Perak SMK Simpang 4SS2
84Hendon SaadF 16 Perak SMK Simpang 4SS8
85Lim Choo NiF 18 Perak SMK Simpang 5SS1
86Mohd. Ali OsmanM 17 Perak SMK Simpang 5SS4
87Faridah A.SamanF 17 Perak SMK Simpang 5SS4
88Normazilah IsmailF 17 Perak SMK Simpang 5SS4
89Aslina NordinM 17 Perak SMK Simpang 5SS6
90Ramanathan S.M 18 Perak SMK Simpang 5SS8
91Zaidi RamliM 17 Perak SMK Simpang 5SS8
92Wong Kat LoongM 17 Perak SMK Jln. Pasir Putih 5S2
93Teh Eng HuatM 17 Perak SMK Jln. Pasir Putih 5S3
94Nurasyikin AbdullahF 17 Perak SMK Jln. Pasir Putih 5S2
95Norliana OmarF 17 Perak SMK Jln. Pasir Putih 5V2
96Govintharaj MuthuM 17 Perak SMK Jln. Pasir Putih 5K2
97Cheng Pey PeyM 17 Perak SMK Jln. Pasir Putih 5K1
98Sri Suami IyapanF 17 Perak SMK Jln. Pasir Putih 5V5
99VijayathiranM 17 Perak SMK Jln. Pasir Putih 5V5


Group photo of all students who received education fund from XPM

In addition to this, several homes invited to join the charity function also received donations from Xim Phou Moon during the evening, they were:

  • Rumah Ozanam ( Petaling Jaya, Selangor )
  • Rumah Bakti ( Ulu Kelang, Selangor )
  • Shepherd's Centre ( Semenyih, Selangor )
  • YWCA Vocational Training Opportunity Centre ( Kuala Lumpur )
  • Selangor Chesire Home ( Batu Caves, Selangor )

              received Ringgit Malaysia 1,000 each, as for

  • Perak PERKEP ( Perak )

  • Majlis Kebajikan Masyarakat Selangor ( Selangor )

both received Ringgit Malaysia 2,000 from Xim Phou Moon.

Welfare homes that became beneficiaries of the event

Highlights of the event included:

  • Hair Shaving ceremony for the sole purpose of charity, as presented by Ms. Jenny Tan, a successful career women in Kepong.


  • More than RM 30,000 was collected from this particularly noble act of charity.


  • Entertainment by local artistes  


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